Youth Mentor Program

Our new program matches Charlotte big brothers and sisters with kids that have issues staying focused
on the course lesson. Understand that it is a must to always do good, and plumb necessary to be polite.

Mentoring Impact
1 in 3 young people will grow up without a mentor.

Why Do We Mentor
Mentoring guarantees youth that there is someone who care about them, makes sure that they are not alone when dealing with day to day challenges. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development , and social economic opportunity. Yet one in three people will grow up without this critical asset.

Mentoring Program
Our mentoring programs focuses on enriching the lives of youth from all walks of life. Through educational, social, and developmental or lifelong skill needed to better deal with life’s challenges. While offering the youth opportunities to travel in our community and abroad to help others in need through their own efforts of the community service,

Studies show that mentoring can help youth as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to  adulthood. Close, healthy, supportive, relationships between mentor and mentees that last for a significant portion of time. ( i.e, more than one year) are central for success ( al, 2002, Rhodes & Dubois, 2006)

The positive impact of mentoring or benefits of mentoring youth mentees.

Stronger relationship with parents, teachers and peers.
Decreased likelihood of initiating drug and alcohol use. ( Mentor, 2009; carefully Dubois, Karches, Keller, and Rhodes, 2009 )
Improved behavior, both at home and at school.
Increase high school graduation rate.
Lower high school dropout rate.
Enhance self-esteem and self- confidence.
Heal their relationships and lifestyle choices.
Improved interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Mentors:
Increased self-esteem
A sense of accomplishment
Creation of networks of volunteers
Increased patience and improved supervisory skills ( U-S Department of Labor, n-d )

Mentoring program also provides our youth with unique and daily life long skill opportunities.

Ironing and folding clothes.
Sewing clothes.
Basic cooking technique class (?)
Basic meal preparation.
Hair care class.
Dressing for success practice.
Communication skills. ( Self Advocacy )
Eventually music, art and dance lessons.
Community service.
Financial literacy of all levels.

This program teaches our youth lifelong skills, such as, ironing clothes, dressing for success, sewing, cooking, hair braiding, and other life skills. With emphasis on how to interact with their peers and to be disciplined in life. While offering youth opportunities to travel in our community and abroad to help others in need through their own efforts of community service, such as, feeding the homeless and school supply drive.

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