School Supply Drive

Help us enrich Charlotte classrooms with quality school supplies donated like: notebooks,
pens, pencils, rulers, glues, papers, chalk, musical instruments and computers.

Teachers are committed to their students and will often use their own money to buy school supplies and other support for students with what they have. This program was designed in the wake of teachers’ marches for increased pay across the United States in order to fill this inevitable gap between what the students need and what schools and parents can provide. Specifically in North Carolina, school systems fail to provide adequate school supplies for Title I school classrooms, and display a lack of resources in school in general.

In May of 2018, Hope for All- HFA of Charlotte board members decided to respond to this need and launched an initiative called Year-round School Supply Drive to support teachers and students in classrooms of Title I schools in Charlotte, NC. This pilot program will provide much needed school supplies, shoes, hygiene products, healthy snacks and gently used uniforms to local schools with high percentages of children from low income families. Our program will run year-round regardless of the school year calendar.

Suggested Donations
Donations are much appreciated and can be collected. They can include items that will support female and males students and teachers. Suggested items include: School Supplies: books, binders, backpacks, pens and pencils, folders, etc. Uniforms: new and gently used uniforms for all sizes. Shoes: new and gently used shoes for all sizes Hygiene Products: Deodorant, feminine pads, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. Healthy Snacks: energy bars, etc.

Why Do We Do This:

Many teachers spend over $479 of their own money each year on supplies for their students (U.S.News). Research shows that “elementary school teachers were more likely than secondary school teachers to spend their own money, and they spent more of it… Ninety-five percent of elementary school teachers spent their own money for school supplies, paying an average of $526.00 (CNN Wire). Fewer secondary school teachers were spending their own money -93%- with $430 spent on average” (CNN Wire).

To measure the effectiveness of the program, we will begin by supporting two elementary schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. If this trial period is proven to be a success, then we will launch our carefully designed program across Charlotte, NC within two to three years.

How Does It Work?

Donated school supplies, shoes, hygiene products, healthy snacks and gently used uniforms will be received from donors. Once your donation is received, we will then distribute or transport those school supplies to qualified local schools.

School Supplies:

New and Gently used: Backpacks, Binders, Poster boards, Crayons, Calculators, Colored pencils, Copy Paper, Pencils, Notebook paper, K-12 Reading books, Composition Notebooks, Ear buds, Dividers, Erasers, Glue, Highlighters, Relevant subject posters, Single & 3 hole punchers, Journals, New manilla folders, Dry-erase markers, Markers, New lunch bags, Pencil cases, Pens, Poster board, Post-it notes, Chart Paper, Rulers, Scissors, Staplers, staples & removers, Ziploc bags, Tape & dispensers, Painter’s tape, Masking Tape, White out, Color paper, Stickers, Construction paper, Disinfectant spray, Antibacterial wipes, Hand sanitizer, Tissue, Paper towels, Border paper.

Clothing and Shoes:
We accept new and gently used clothing items and shoes for males and females.

K-12 Reading Books:
New and gently used books are accepted; however, textbooks are not accepted.

We Do Not Accept:
Desktop computers, Adding Machines, Stuffed animals, Televisions, VCRs, Office furniture

Increase student participation and engagement in classroom
Increase student self worth and esteem
Engage students, parents, and teachers to participate in this initiative
Teach students the value of giving back
Giving back to the education community
Develops empathy
Builds self-esteem

Ways to fund this program or initiative
This program will be funded through
Promotions of T-shirts and other merchandise sales
Yearly Teacher and Student Festival event
Monthly or weekly monetary donations from donors
Collaboration with other companies
Gently used uniforms and supply collections

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