Tutoring YOUTH

The HFA neighborhood tutoring Initiative set forth greatly improves youth
learning skills and also suggest career paths once we get to know you.

The Hope for All- HFA of Charlotte Turing program assists learners (students) in grades K – 5 to achieve grade level competency in reading, math, english and science through personalized individual tutoring sessions and structured curriculum. It is designed to enable learners with remedial comprehension to progress and reach mastery understanding of the subject being tutored. HFA tutoring is available to learners of Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. The tutoring sessions will be held on Saturdays, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves and guide them to the point where they become independent learners. In a recent study, elementary and junior high school students received tutoring services in reading and comprehension for an average of 8.6 weeks. Reading comprehension improved 4.4 times the average rate while word recognition improved 3.3 times the normal rate. Four months post-tutoring, the tutees’ reading continued to improve at least twice the normal rate (cite). All students can benefit from individualized instruction, such as tutoring, especially in Title 1 schools around the Charlotte-Mecklenburg county. Parents have expressed their concerns and brought attention to the need for a free tutoring service in Charlotte.

Benefits of our Tutoring Program: Tutees
1. Increase student participation and engagement in classroom.
2. Increase student self worth and esteem to reach their full academic potential.
3. Improve communication skills and build more positive relationships inside and outside the classroom.
4. Increase academic achievement.
5. Provides an opportunity for individualized instruction to sharpen strength and improve weaknesses.
6. Encourages the use of learning and study strategies.
7. Gives the student the individualized attention they may not receive in a crowded classroom.
8. Encouraging the freedom to ask questions.

Benefits of our Tutoring Program: Tutors
1. Giving back to the education community.
2. Improves general knowledge.
3. Develops strong communication and leaderships skills.
4. Real world experience that can help with later employment or career goals.
5. Develops and strengthens the ability to empathize.
6. Builds confidence in your ability to make a difference.
7. Exercising higher-level thinking.
8. Builds self-esteem.
9. Network with individuals who are passionate about service and education.

With this program, the student will receive individualized help and instruction based on their needs in a welcoming judgement-free environment. Most importantly, your child will learn to love learning! Using, parents will register their students for the The Neighborhood Tutoring Initiative. The form provides a general overview of the student’s academic needs. Parents will then receive an email from HFA detailing the location and time the tutoring will be provided, based on the applicant. During tutoring, the students will complete homework assignments, test corrections, learn test taking strategies and organizational skills, and strengthen their understanding of the subject to maintain good grades.

Hope for All- HFA of Charlotte tutoring services will be offered to
elementary school learners on Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
Location and start date TBA. Please Note the background checks are
required for any person registering as a tutor.

By completing and submitting this form, you are giving consent for
HFA of Charlotte to provide tutoring services to your student.

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